e-petrol.pl - fuel sector e-marketplace and industry information aggregator

Since 2001 e-petrol.pl is a supplier of up-to-date information and innovative services directed for the participants of fuel market. The main objective of the company is providing information and business services by assisting in every-day work of the industry, which is achieved by our motivated team and co-operation with our carefully selected partners.

The platform e-petrol.pl is an opinion-forming Internet platform, which uses modern tools such as the Internet (e-marketplace, newsletters) and GSM (SMS) providing continuous access to the up to-date information.

We have been providing our services since May 2001 and since that time the company has managed to build its strong position being recognized as a key information player in the Polish fuel branch, the only organized trading floor in the Polish fuel industry and preferred information source.

The passion of the e-petrol.pl team is designing and constant perfection of state-of-the-art solutions assisting and facilitating the everyday operation of the fuel sector.

The power of e-petrol.pl derives from industry specific know-how and focus on specialized package of services designed with customer in mind – all new services are tested in advance in trials with selected group of customers.

We transform industry by activating a number of innovative services which improve the current standards of information exchange and operation on the market.

At the moment we are cooperating with approximately 2000 companies from the fuel sector; our specialized news service reaches approximately 2500 people daily through electronic mail, whereas short message service with offers of fuel purchase and sale reaches more than 1700 companies. This enables us to find dozens of companies interested in trading on the market immediately.

Information Market HQ

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Information Market S.A.
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