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Heating oils

Wholesale prices of PKN Orlen S.A.
Data zm. Ekoterm Plus
2021-11-30 3240
2021-12-01 3130
Net prices in [PLN/m3], include the excise tax.
Wholesale fuel prices of Grupa LOTOS S.A.
Date LOTOS Red
2021-11-30 3240
2021-12-01 3129
Net prices [PLN/m3], include the excise tax.
Heating oil Chemical Industry WARTER Kedzierzyn-Kozle
Update Heating oil WAR
2017-03-06 2397
2017-03-07 2388
Net price of heating oil WAR (the equivalent of heating oil) contains the excise tax, expressed in [PLN/t]. More information about product on
type C3
typ C3
2019-10-15 1199,00 -
2019-10-16 1121,00 -
Tankers and tank trucks. Net prices in PLN/t.
Prices contain the excise tax - 64,00 PLN/t.

Updated every Tuesday at about noon.

Wholesale fuel prices of Rafineria Jedlicze S.A.
Date OPC EKO A OPC type B heating oil C-3 (1,0)
2014-02-13 3336 3536 2485
2014-02-14 3334 3534 2485
Net prices [PLN/t], contain the excise tax.
Wholesale fuel prices of
Zakład Rafineryjny Jasło Sp. z o.o.
Date of change Heating oil C3 (1,0)
2013-08-22 2450
2013-07-30 2400
2013-06-17 2380
2013-02-25 2470
2012-12-18 2450
Net prices [PLN/t], contain the excise tax.