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Latvian coast not for Orlen
2015-06-29 13:52

Orlen Upstream company owned by Orlen International Exploration and Production was terminated on Friday. This means that, at least for some time Orlen resigns from oil and gas exploration on the Latvian coast.

Fuels average Polish refineries
Update 2019-05-24
Pb98 4463,00
Pb95 4291,40
diesel 4098,00
heating oil 2741,00
Net prices [PLN/m3] in 15 degrees Celcius of reference temperature, include the excise and road tax.
The average retail fuel prices in Poland
Update 2019-05-22
Week 21
Pb 98 5,55
Pb 95 5,24
ON 5,19
LPG 2,24
The average weekly retail prices in [PLN/l].
Updated every Wednesday at about 2 o'clock p.m.